Antenatal Clinic

Are you pregnant or are you planning a pregnancy.

Are you looking for a safe and competent antenatal service led by a team of committed individuals? Your search ends here.

Are you a Low risk mother looking for a calm natural delivery, without unnecessary medicalisation? Is your pregnancy complicated by medical disorders or problems with your baby requiring the attention of the best medical experts in the field?

We are here for you. Just text us and we will ensure a smooth journey that you will cherish all your life.


Gynaecology Clinic

Gynaecological conditions are diverse. It can be as simple as dysmenorrhea or as complicated as a cancer. Hysterectomy is not the answer for every gynae problem. Are you looking for evidence – based care in line with international protocols and guidelines? Contact us by text or email for an initial appointment, we promise that you will not be disappointed.


Adolescent Health Clinic

Your young teenager is growing at a fast pace. Her health requirements are unique. It is a extremely important phase for her and a gateway to adulthood . definitely not a period to be ignored. Sign them up for the adolescent health clinic,where they will benefit from regular health checks. Whether it is a simple dental check or a detail assessment of their mental health. They will be in the right hands.


Menopause Clinic

Have you stopped having your periods. Sense of relief? This is a whole new chapter in your life that needs to be managed diligently, so that the rest of your years are carefree and enjoyable. Make an appointment with our specialist.


Continence Clinic

Do you leak urine or lack control over your bowels.

The continence clinic offers assessment by expert doctors in the field and management. The clinic offers you a wide range of services starting from Pelvic floor exercises to surgery to cure incontinence.